Jewel Box is a Brazilian band formed nearby Campinas, São Paulo.

In 2013, Rafael Dentini and Vinicius Amstalden, who played together, decided to start a project which they could apply their music knowledge and influences to create their own songs.

Few months later and after some songs written, Ricardo Fernandes, a mutual friend who had participated in other projects, was invited to become part of the band.

In 2016 Jewel Box got together with the music producers Luis Granja Venturin and Rogers Masson to record its first album.


Name: The name "Jewel Box" in English language has three meanings: The box that contains jewelry, compact disc box and also a star cluster in the constellation Crux. Face to those meanings, the band members decided that it would be a name which expresses the spirit of the band.

The logo of the band is composed by all the elements which represents the meaning of the word "Jewel Box".

Recording: All the arrangements, recording and production of the first two singles were done in an independent way by the three members at Stalden Studios in Vinhedo/SP.
The recording of the first album, produced by Luis Granja Venturin and Rogers Masson, was done at Black Bridge Studios in Campinas/SP.

Producer Luis Granja Venturin: Granja is a Brazilian producer, sound and mixing engineer, with more than 18 years of working experience in Brazil and abroad. In his studios, great names of music have set foot, such: Bruce Kulick (Kiss), Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest), Chitãozinho e Xororó, Rick Sollo, among others. He improved his technics in the USA where produced some albums at 606 Studios, owned by Dave Growl (Foo Fighters)..

Co-Producer Rogers Masson: Rogers is a north american producer, sound engineer and song writer, born in Portsmouth, Virginia. He is known by his work with artists such: Marilyn Mason, Vintage Trouble, Dave "The Snake" Sabo (Skid Row), Chris Daughtry, The Crickets, among others.
Nowadays he lives in Nashville, place where he built his studio “Rog Mahal”.


Shel Talmy (Worked with bands like The Who, The Kinks, David Bowie): "Congrats, you did a terrif job, very good song and production.
Glad to hear you're doing 'music'!"

Jon Astley (Worked with bands like The Who, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones): "Pretty good!"

Stuart Epps (Worked with Elton John, George Harrison, Led Zeppelin, Oasis): "I've listened to some of the tracks.
Yes, there are some good songs there."

Sérgio Britto (Tecladista dos Titãs): "Very nice, I liked it a lot – Your music have clear influences of Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson, two genius!"

Vermelho (14 Bis's Keyboard Player): “It is god to hear a vocal harmonie well sung.”

Evandro Mesquita (Blitz's Singer): “Cool, very cool!”

Rodrigo Santos (Barão Vermelho's Bass Player): “I liked it!”

Aramis Barros (Worked at Som Livre record company with Jorge Benjor, Oswaldo Montenegro, Rita Lee, Tom Jobim, Paulo Ricardo): “Very good!! The Old is New Again is so me. Tonight it is also great. I Really liked it. Congratulations.
It is really cool indeed!”

Junior Lanne (Worked at Midas Estúdios com Rick Bonadio, Mamonas Assassinas, Charlie Brown Jr, Simonal): "The Old Is New Again is a beautiful song! It’s always good to listen to good music. Cool! That is really cool!

Gordon Raphael (Main work with The Strokes): "Cool video for Tonight (It Must Be)! Well done.
At first I was afrain it was going to be too pop for me, but it has nice qualities like The Beatles in ...
the melody, harmonies and instruments.
The instrumental break at the end with guitar solo is my kind of fun."

Rogers Masson (Worked with Vintage Trouble, Marilyn Manson): "I love Tonight (It Must Be)!!! Reminds me of a modern take on The Who and their earlier songs, as well a...s a taste of The Beatles. Crazy cool! The video is really cool as well.
I get a lot of stuff sent to me, and it's rarely this good! Excited to hear more!
It is so refreshing to hear great harmonies again!
Killer band name as well!
People should hear your music."



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